I’ll be the first to admit I’m not very good at finishing things. This blog a testament to that, there is more than one occasion when I have mentioned a new project that I’m working on, but no blogger ever showing it completed. I get a new an idea, and the old one takes a back-seat.

It’s something I’ve tried to shake off for years, with no luck. Recently, following my return from a Mediterranean holiday, I promised myself to at least sketch every single day. In the day I’m am often on the computer working on client’s websites and rarely get to pick up a pencil to draw; subsequently, my art has suffered. Every time I do get round to drawing, I’m never happy with the outcome, therefore feel uninspired to finish it. The good news is that I have stuck to my promise, minus a few spontaneous nights out.

So with that all said, here is a sketch I have done for a new short comic I’m working on 🙂

With any luck I will finish it in time to get into the paper project! – This has been a deceleration of intent by GeoNeo (sorry for it being so wordy)!

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